Heroines in “LOVE” in real life:

Heroines in LOVE
Heroines deeply love heroes and be loved by Heroes as well in movies.
But, our Tollywood young heroines have different opinions about “LOVE” in their real life. They wanted to share it with Nagaara viewers..
Kajal about her love
Kajal:  Love is great thing. I love my family & enjoy myself while loving them. But, I didn’t fell in love with any one till now, don’t want that also. My only target is Films right now.Lavanya Tripati about her love
Lavanya Tripati: Everyone gives their own definition towards “Love”. I don’t have any opinion on this, I just love my parents and work.Praneetha about her love
Praneetha: Since I don’t have any Boy friend, i don’t know the feeling of Love. But, i know the feeling of Love is Pretty.

Rakul Preet Singh about her loveRakul Preet Singh: I mean “Love” as giving, belief & selfishness.

Samantha about her loveSamantha: Love is too sweet. It can be with Parents,sisters, brothers, spouse .

Shruti Hassan about her loveShruti Hassan: Love is very important in everyone’s life. It can be on our family, work, life partner .. not restricted to one person. Love creates positive feeling.

Tamannah about her love

Tamannah: I am so busy with movies that i have no time to love someone. But, i know that the feeling of Love is awesome .