People’s comments on these queens?


Many are wondering about the people’s comments on these queens. Filmmakers of Bollywood hit film Queen Kangana Ranaut’s wouldn’t have imagined that the south makers will cash into the craze for the remake in such a manner when they sold the remake rights. Director Vikas Bhel wouldn’t have imagined it even in his dreams.

It is known that Kangana Ranaut’s Queen is getting remade in four south Indian languages Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. Filmmakers selected four heroines, one for each language. Tamanna is starring in Telugu, Kajal, Parul Yadava, Manjima Mohan are turning Queens in Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Sometime back rumors spread that Kangana Ranaut will star in the remake in all four languages. Now many are wondering whether all these four heroines will match Kangana Ranaut’s performance in the original.

Tamanna turns over dramatic and doubts are on whether she can express herself well. Parul Yadav till now did not prove herself as an actress. Manjima Mohan is with her acting but can she impress as a new bride. Kajal can support as heroine in hero oriented films but can she carry the film on her shoulders. Since viewers already watched the original, there is very less interest in the remake.