Does Rana has matter or not

hot hunk rana

Many are wondering whether Hot Hunk Rana has mattered in him or not. It is known that Allari Naresh’s recently released film Meda Meedi Abbayi has few comedy scenes. In one dialogue Allari Naresh says ‘ matter lenodki matter ledani cheppai. kaani nuvvu daggubati rana ani daggarundi nettakoodadu’.

This dialogue should have become controversial. It meant that he did not have any matter but is getting offers depending on his dad and grand father’s name. He who heard about this dialogue called Allari Naresh and asked him the same.

Rana said ‘ enti babai nannu anta maata anesav. intaki naalo matter undantava ..ledanta.. babai’. Allari Naresh shared this secret participating in the show No 1 Yaari.

Allari Naresh said he shares a good relationship w the handsome hunk. He said the makers included the dialogue for fun. He said if he did not have matter how come he did a powerful role in Baahubali.