From his masterclass yesterday at Bangalore International Film Festival.. To aspiring filmmakers.. To people who are passionate.. To people who seek their salvation through art.. And as you read, you can get why the master filmmaker is still the best and a legend of this stature. 🙂

1. When you decide to come to cinema, you should.. and will forget the pain because you will get used to it. Always take the criticism boldly & face it.

2. Ignore the praises & don’t get carried away by audience claps & applause including right now! 

3. Assistant director’s job is very boring even if I am the director! You become a director that’s the kick.. not becoming my assistant.

4. During the shooting of Idhayakovil, I used to stand against the mirror & ask myself – “Is this what you want to do? For this reason did you become a director?” That was the moment I decided, come what may, my next film will be Mounaraagam only.

5. In beginning, industry treats you like you don’t know anything. All you need is just one film where the industry starts believing that you know everything & they don’t know anything.

6. For aspiring directors, short films are such a huge tool to become directors than trying to be assistant under someone. This generation is very lucky to have short film. It is a boon to enter the industry on your own merit.

7. How to handle success can be taught but how to handle failures can never be taught that only you have to understand & learn.

8. If a story appeals to you, then just proceed ahead. Don’t think whether it appeals to A, B center or Hindi or Telugu people. 

9. Never ever underestimate our audience. If your film is flop, just accept it. Don’t blame the audience. Accept the mistake & get to know what’s the flaws in your film? Then you will grow.

10. Cinema & technology will be changing forever. Only if you accept the change, you will grow in your career & stay connected to your audience who also are changing very rapidly for every one or two years.