Top 10 Bollywood Mistakes

Doing mistakes is natural, we do by knowingly and also some times unknowingly.

Here are some of the mistakes observed in popular Bollywood movies, this is just for time pass :

1. 6 balls in an Over: The story of “Lagaan” belongs to 1892, wherein two cricket teams play cricket evaluating 6 balls in an over. Actually, there were only 5 balls in an over in England at that time.

2. Pregnancy for 2 1/2 years: Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) in “Krish” stays in singapore for two years. Preety Zinta (His wife) is pregnant  in India during that period. How is it possible ?


3. Song 1950s: “Bagh Milka Bagh” movie story is basically from 1950s. The song “Nanna Munna Rahi” sung by Hero Farah Akthar is from the movie “Son of India” of 1962.


4. Wrong Address: Sarpa Raj (Sushant Singh) says to Anushka that he is working in Bruges as Pakistan Ambassador in the movie “PK”. But there is no such office in Bruges. Actually it is Brussels . Anyway both places are in Belgium only.


5.Wrong Train: In the same movie, Sanjay Dutt travels to Delhi in a train no:12290. But, the train name shows as Kalyan instead of Duranto,  which travels from Mumbai to Delhi.


6.Christian Ashes :Shahrukh Khan acted as Hindu South Indian in “Raa:1”. But , the dead body of Shahrukh was kept in a Box as per the custom of Christian. On other scene, his wife was mixing the ashes in a River.Oh my God !


7.“Top”Mistake: In the film “Jindagi Na mile Dubaara” , Katrina kaif in pink coloured T-Shirt takes her friend’s bike to meet Hirthik. By the time she reaches him, She wears Maroon T-Shirt.


8.Bethala’s “Book”: Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) takes all the belongings of Naina (Deepika Padukone) including her book. But, in the next scene , She holds the book in her hand.


9.Fourth “Idiot”: In climax of “Three Idiots” , Suhaan appears in Marriage hall. Again, He runs from the main gate towards marriage hall.


10. Car Shape: In the film “Dum lagaake Haissa” , All the falily members of Prem starts in an Omni van to meet Sandhya. It becomes a scrapped van in middile.