Top 10 Comic answers by Tanikella Bharani

Laughing is best medicine & improves your health. Laughter reduces stress, nervousness, depression and improves immunity system.

Mr.Tanikella Bharani , famous comedian is wisely  answering to our ‘Nagaara‘ comic questions .. Just read and enjoy..

  1. If become President of America?

I keep statue of “Charlie Chaplin” beside Statue of Liberty.

  1. If there is shooting in Chandramandalam ?

I bring honey bottle… to have Honey”moon”

3.If God gives blessing to change yourself as 20 years young man?

I learn to shave neatly ..

4.If you know the skill to change all things into Gold, which you prefer to change?

My wife (Of course my wife is always Gold)

  1. What you want to get if you win one crore in ‘kaun banegaa crorepathi’ ?

I choose “LIFE” line

  1. If you are selected as hero pairing kareena Kapoor ?

I keep the title as “Tera Thatha ka naam Joker”

  1. If Shakeela calls at night and tells “ I am your Fan”?

I simply reply that it can be said morning or afternoon also,  no need to call now.

8.If someone proposes to build temple for you?

I encourage it, but it should be in 10 acres farm house.

  1. If one lady is calling & teasing daily ?

I give my brother Babu Mohan number to her.

10.If Pakistan president asks to have Lunch with you?

I will get tea for him and makes him to say “Sare Jahase Achcha Hai .. Chai”